Want a career in Culinary Arts?

I was excited to spend a little time at Dixie Technical College last week. There are so many programs available and the students I talked to were excited about their training and future employment in their chosen careers. I spent most of my time this visit in the Culinary Arts Kitchen. This is where I […]

Why I Love My Job!

As a Coordinator for the Southwest Utah Career and Technical Education Consortium, I have the opportunity to visit schools in the region and see the amazing things that are being done in Career Education. My job is to coordinate Career and Technical Education programs and pathways between secondary and post-secondary schools making it easier and […]

Battleball Tournament? Why, Yes!

I was reminded of a few things today… One, duct tape really can fix almost anything! Two, Chivalry isn’t dead. Three, Careers have no gender.  I was in Cedar City visiting with Engineering students at Southern Utah University. The students have been creating hydraulic robots and it was time for the Battle Ball Tournament. Student groups […]


When I went to college, more than a few years ago, I was lucky to have gotten through in four years time and that included attending all of those summers as well. Things are different today. Students have so many more opportunities than I did at their age. Enter, Career Pathways. Today, students can enroll […]

Welcome to SW Utah CTE

Welcome to the new Website of Southwest Utah Career and Technical Education Consortium. We help students streamline their education. Through CTE courses, students can explore careers, earn college credit, and get technical training allowing them to reach their career goals in less time and for less cost. Students are encouraged to start their career pathway […]